The Worst Kitchen Habits You Need To Stop NOW

Lesson one: Add ALL the salt


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stove in old kitchen
Kemter/Getty Images
Oven Thermometer
kimberrywood/Getty Images
Kitchen timer
malerapaso/Getty Images
Baking ingredients.
karammiri/Getty Images
Measuring Cups and Spoons
JulNichols/Getty Images
Spice Measurement
marilyna/Getty Images
Measuring A Cup Of Sugar
sframephoto/Getty Images
t bone steak, called in Italian Florentine steak
pmmart/Getty Images
Traditional full English breakfast with fried eggs, sausages, beans, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and bacon.
tbralnina/Getty Images

Close up shot of a chef chopping up a cucumber on a cutting board
Uberstock LLC/Getty Images
Top View of Chefs Hands Chopping Ginger And Garlic On Wooden Board, Healthy Food Concept
aleksutkin/Getty Images
Happy family preparing food in kitchen
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
Woman is using a electric whisk for mixing cream in cup, on kitchen table
polly_belyaeva/Getty Images
VIDOK/Getty Images
Bacon Frying Slow Motion Panning Macro
mphillips007/Getty Images
fried eggs
cookelma/Getty Images
Cube of Butter Melting Sizzling Browning in Non Stick Pan Skillet in Slow Motion, Preparation for Cooking – 50 FPS
Suleyman Gurgun/Getty Images
A young woman chooses a pan at the store.
Vsevolod_Smirnov/Getty Images
Bacon in hot non-stick pan
ko_orn/Getty Images
Close-up female hand holding colorful cleaned garlic, pouring garlic by hand.
Adkasai/Getty Images
butter and garlic stired in cast iron
Taya Johnston/Getty Images
Chef frying garlic on the pan
redfilmstudio/Getty Images
Popcorn popping in hot oil
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
florentine steak
fraxnet/Getty Images
Closeup of professional chef man prepare meat ribs with spice on cutting board at restaurant kitchen
silverkblack/Getty Images
SLOW: A cook turns up a steak of meat on a grill
eugenekeebler/Getty Images
Kebab prepared on the grill in the restaurant
RoStRecords/Getty Images
Display Case in Butcher Shop
RGtimeline/Getty Images
Man Grabs a Pork Chop From a Stack of Meat
crkcreative/Getty Images
Housewife working with oven
iStock_Oles/Getty Images
Boiling rice.
Blooms-Studio/Getty Images
Parmesan cheese topping
uberstock/Getty Images
Prawns and Risotto
uberstock/Getty Images
Slow motion: cook makes asian noodles in wok. a versatile round-bottomed cooking vessel, originating from china. asian food cooking
best_seller/Getty Images
frozen vegetables cooking in a frying pan close up hd footage slow motion
Aleksandr_Gromov/Getty Images
Slow motion shot of extra virgin olive oil being poured out a clear glass bottle
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
A piece of beef steak is fried on a grill pan. White smoke rises above the frying pan.
Andrew_Bu/Getty Images
Cooking delicious fried potatoes
phadventure/Getty Images
Cooking Green curry with meat ball , Thai food
lightofchairat/Getty Images
Falling cuts of colorful vegetables, slow motion
3sbworld/Getty Images
Chef’s hands tossing vegetables in wok pan
FancyStudio/Getty Images
Mix rice with a wooden ladle in boiling water in a stainless steel pot
thodsaph/Getty Images
Fast frying in butter beef meat steaks
VideoKot/Getty Images
cast iron melts butter
Taya Johnston/Getty Images
Chef cooks with a pan over a fire – CU, slow motion
boxcarfilms/Getty Images
Chef adding lemon juice in pan with fried seafood
FancyStudio/Getty Images
Prawn on pan.
VIDOK/Getty Images
Two male chef adding wine in a pan full of meat and veggie mix in restaurant kitchen cooking a tasty flambe
Filomedia/Getty Images
Happy young housewife preparing and tasting for a meal in the kitchen
Wehrwolf/Getty Images
adding a salt to salad in glass bowl
3sbworld/Getty Images
eugeonefish/Getty Images
SLOW MOTION: Macro shot of falling of salt on a heap in a dish
eugenekeebler/Getty Images
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