SixJupiter: Premium Stock Screener for Finding Ten Baggers or More

SixJupiter is a stock screener designed specifically for small and micro cap investors in US equities to help them find stocks with 10X or more growth potential. It offers relevant features not available on any other screener in the market, such as:

1. Glassdoor ratings to find companies with strong cultures and high morale

2. Analysis of postings on Twitter to find stocks with extreme sentiment

3. Average annual dilution to understand stocks that are continually diluting their shareholders

4. Annual revenue growth versus annual growth in capital expenditures to find stocks that are ready to “turn the corner”

5. Data about the board of directors, to find companies with a strong management presence on their board

6. Classification of companies by text in their 10K filings, to find companies with unique technologies or a specific focus

In addition to these features that cannot be found elsewhere, common features small and micro cap investors need are also included, such as:

1. Insider and institutional ownership, to find stocks with strong insider ownership flying under the institutional radar

2. Efficiency and profitability metrics, like Return on Invested Capital, Return on Equity, Return on Assets, Gross Margin, and Capital Turnover

3. Growth metrics, like year over year increase in revenue and operating cash flow

4. A variety of valuation metrics, including numerous price ratios and Enterprise Value to EBITDA ratio

5. Income and yield metrics, like dividend yield and shareholder yield

Data can easily be exported for further analysis as well.

Visit to test out the product and learn more.

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