SixJupiter AI’s April 2018 Returns: +12.2%

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At the start of April, SixJupiter publicly launched its artificial intelligence designed to predict returns one year out.

Customers were emailed recommendations for three stocks to hold for a year based on SixJupiter’s artificial intelligence.

The returns are promising so far. After one month, a portfolio that invested equally in each of the three recommended stocks would be up 12.2%.

All three of the recommendations were positive, though one recommendation clearly outperformed.

SixJupiter’s artificial intelligence model is optimized for predicting returns one year out, and does not consider volatility during that time. As a result, these picks could be volatile.

For this reason, only capital that can tolerate substantial volatility should be risked. Smaller position sizes are strongly recommended.

This is a promising start to the deployment of SixJupiter’s artificial intelligence. To learn more and subscribe to signals for our introductory pricing of just $2.99 per month, visit

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