Review of GuruFocus: The Best Stock Screener I’ve Found

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Key Points:

1. It’s got a very powerful screener; personally, it’s the best screener I’ve come across. The ability to screen by a wide number of financial metrics, as well as executive buying/selling and hedge fund buying/selling, make it worth the price alone.

2. GuruFocus also offers pre-built screens based on a variety of strategies. For investors who feel a bit overwhelmed by the all-in-one screener the service offers, these pre-built screens can give you a starting point to use in your trading/investing.

3. Taking it one step further, the company also provides model portfolios based on pre-built screens. The company’s founder, Charlie Tian, himself invests personally in the GuruFocus Buffett-Munger model portfolio published on the site with its premium members. There are other interesting portfolios as well, such as a portfolio of stocks of companies whose CEOs have been buying their own shares most aggressively. The returns of the model portfolio are posted on the site. Some of the portfolios, like the aforementioned CEO buying portfolio, have significantly outperformed the S&P 500 from 2009 to 2014.

4. Just as executives of publicly traded companies are required to publicly report their buying and selling activity, so too must large hedge funds report their investing activity. All of this information is pulled into GuruFocus and incorporated into the screener, among other parts of the site. The service has an entire “Gurus” section that allows investors/traders to pick select Gurus they wish to follow — big name investors like Paul Tudor Jones, Kyle Bass, Warren Buffett, and more. In this way traders can be alerted to when the gurus they subscribe to place trades.

5. Overall, the service costs $349 per year for US stocks. For Canadian stocks it is about $300 per year, and for all European stocks (covering 21 stock exchanges) it is about $400 per year. So price varies based upon what exchanges you want to have data on. Options are available for exchanges on all continents.

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