JM Bullion Review: They Delivered My Gold at a Competitive Price

Compare gold and silver dealers:

1. JM Bullion is an metals dealer that serves US customers only.

2. The company offers a wide collection of products for physical delivery. I’ve ordered gold coins from them before, and have found the experience to be perfectly sufficient. I received my product in a timely manner, in the condition promised.

3. In terms of pricing, I’ve found their prices to be very competitive. In some instances, their prices are slightly better than those offered by APMEX, another metals dealer I’ve ordered from in the past. However, APMEX has better prices on some products as well. In general, though, their prices are very, very close, and differences are negligible. Both APMEX and JM Bullion tend to have better prices than Golden Eagle Coin.

4. JM Bullion has a selection I found adequate. They have bars and coins in small and larger denominations; customers can buy gold in increments of one gram, 1/20th of an ounce, 1/10th of an ounce, a quarter ounce, half an ounce, an ounce, ten ounces, and a kilo, in addition to a few others. They also offer many common coins that investors prefer, such as Canadian Maple Leafs, American Gold Eagles, American Gold Buffalos, and Kruggerands. However, the available years for these coins is a bit limited. 2015 coins are readily available, but other years may be a bit limited. It should be noted that in addition to gold, JM Bullion also offers silver, platinum, and copper.

5. JM Bullion provides free shipping to all locations in the US, and all shipments are insured for the value of the product. So, if a shipment is lost, the buyer will be reimbursed accordingly.

6. JM Bullion also offers vault storage service via a partner, TDS Vaults. In this way you can order metals from JM Bullion, and have them shipped and stored to a segregated account in your name. I haven’t tested this service out myself, but I have tested and reviewed the storage services offered by Hard Assets Alliance and Bullion Vault, which I’ve reviewed at those links.

7. JM Bullion also facilitates purchases through an IRA (individual retirement program). This allows investors to setup a traditional IRA account, in which contributions are tax-deductible, or a Roth IRA account, in which withdrawals in the future are tax-deductible, to purchase gold. The custodian of the IRA holds the gold at a depository institution. This may be of interest to those who wish to accumulate a gold position for retirement, or even for those who wish to purchase gold and take advantage of the tax benefits offered.

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