How to Get Motivated and Organize Your Life

How Do I Get Motivated? is probably the most common question we hear on our channel and getting organized is a big step towards answering that question.

When I was a kid I heard a teacher tell me the story of “big balls” and how important they were. Little did I know he was talking about something other than I was thinking about. *HIS* big balls were the important things in life – family, job, health – and how they fit into your life.

The illustration really stuck with me and it wasn’t until years later when wanting to make this video when I realized he based it on a story by Dr. Stephen R. Covey. In addition to Dr. Covey the story has been covered many times on the internet by many different people but I figured we’d put our own spin on it seeing as it benefited us greatly in life.

Hope you enjoy it!

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