How To Cut Back On Drinking


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canned beer
zozzzzo/Getty Images

People eat fast food in the car in the evening.
Mediabasso/Getty Images
Writing Notebook
kongnana/Getty Images
Pick up telephone press number to dial call – IP Phone
MaDooGust/Getty Images
Casual businesswoman speaking with psychologist
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
Pouring vodka in glass in slow motion
magicmore/Getty Images
blond woman waking up on sunny morning and doesn’t want to get up
wernerimages/Getty Images
close up of man with beer and remote at home
dolgachov/Getty Images
Quench your thirst with a cool beer. Silhouette of the bottle, which is opened at sunset near the wheat fiel
StockSeller_ukr/Getty Images
Athlete tying his shoe lace in slow motion
HyperionPixels/Getty Images
Energetic Woman in Dancing Class
shironosov/Getty Images
Skilled artist man teaching young girl to draw paintings and explaining the basics in art studio
silverkblack/Getty Images
Crossed out writing on the blackboard, close-up
David Kashakhi/Getty Images
pensive man leaning against the window
dream_one/Getty Images
Group Of Female Friends Sitting In Coffee Shop Chatting
monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images
Hand holding a cocktail tube on white background
Yauhen Akulich/Getty Images
Girl drinking iced tea with peach.
Rasulovs/Getty Images
Female Friends Enjoying Night Out At Rooftop Bar Shot On R3D
monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images
Pouring Soda into a Glass with the Ice Cubes.
nao98/Getty Images
Woman hand finding a book on bookshelf in the library
Adkasai/Getty Images
Camera pans over modern cool sleek audio spectrum or waveform of a song – Blue Version
Joseph Kelly/Getty Images
Cute mixed race girl listening to music on the subway
levik1operator/Getty Images
Man drinking and driving
Burlingham/Getty Images
Handing Over Car Key
sframephoto/Getty Images
Exhausted black sportsman recovering breath
EvgeniyShkolenko/Getty Images
A young woman looking out of the window to a medieval street smiling and waving her hand
Wehrwolf/Getty Images
Woman crossing off the days of her menstruation planning control birth concept on a calendar
Filomedia/Getty Images
Closeup hands holding smartphone, man hands using mobile smartphone connected online app, soft focus
imsuperstas/Getty Images
A mother with her arms around her young son, who looks sad
Uberstock LLC/Getty Images
Human icon, Connecting people, business network. social media service icon.
motionxcom/Getty Images
Grandpa comforted niece dumped by his girlfriend
dream_one/Getty Images
champagne bubbles (seamless loop)
ivra/Getty Images
Disappointed introspective man looking himself into mirror
stevanovicigor/Getty Images
Woman with messy hair hangover in the morning
Stusya/Getty Images
man uncap three bottles of fresh beer with foam and drops on dark background pub
donfiore/Getty Images
Upset man with laptop and alcohol
Zinkevych/Getty Images
Support Group Members Applauding
shironosov/Getty Images
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