How to Build a DIY PLYO BOX (and Top 10 Best Plyo Exercises!)

How to Build a DIY PLYO BOX and the Top 10 Best Plyo Exercises!

Tools We Used to Create DIY PLYO BOX:

Saw (Optional):
Sander (Optional):
Tape Measure –
Straight Edge (Carpenter’s Square) –
Personal Protection Equipment (safety glasses, ear plugs, gloves, etc)

Materials We Used:

(All materials are in inches)

1 Sheet of 4×8 3/4 inch Plywood for the box, which we cut into:
2 pieces of 20×24 inch
2 pieces of 20×30 inch
2 pieces of 24×28 1/2 inch

Our inner framework is 2×2’s which we cut into:
4 at 24 inch
4 at 25 1/2 inch
2 at 21 inch
5 at 15 5/8 inch

Wood Screws: 9×3″ (6 total – used for framework) and 8×1&3/4″ (will vary)

Optional: wood filler, spray paint, polyurethane

Our favorite Plyo Box Exercises:

Box Jumps (Vertical Jump, Explosive Power, Legs)
Step-Ups (Legs, Glutes)
Pike Push-Ups (Shoulders)
Cross Bench Dips (Triceps)
Dolphin Kicks (Lower Back)
Bulgarian Split Squats (Legs, Glutes)
Incline Push-Ups (Lower Chest)
Decline Push-Ups (Upper Chest)
Side Planks (Core)
Single Leg Glute Bridges (Glutes)

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Chin Long Chan

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