FXSAnalytics Price Action Course Review (With Preview)

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Key Points:


1. Overall, I found this course to be very, very good. The material explains a method of price action trading from start to finish: the mechanics are taught in the initial videos in the course, followed by videos on putting all the material together. Many trade examples are included within each video lesson, thus helping traders grasp the concepts and see how they are applied to real market conditions. There are some flaws in the course and some ways I believe it can be made better — which are discussed below — but overall, this is one of the most impressive trading courses I’ve seen, and I think it may be an especially good value for those who are interested in learning price action trading and applying it to the forex market.

2. The purchase price of the course is $491. For this price, students gain access to all the educational material — 42 videos, generally about 22 minutes each, as well as a slide deck for each video — access to a discussion forum where students can interact with each other and with the course instructor, as well as the ability to schedule Skype calls with the instructor in US evening hours (GMT – 8). Skype calls should be focused around a certain issue that are discussed and planned beforehand. As for the videos, I found them to communicate the concepts very clearly, and that their production quality was very good.

3. The educational material is all focused around price action trading in the forex market. As such, traders should be sure they are interested in price action trading, and applying price action trading to the forex market, before purchasing the course. Moreover, while the material does start from a very elementary level that presupposes little knowledge regarding trading, having some experience with placing some demo trades and how markets actually function will assist in comprehension of the material. In that regard, traders may benefit from reviewing the Basics of Trading Course on InformedTrades, our Basics of Forex Course, as well as the free material in the Price Action section of our University.

4. The course does start by explaining and clearly defining many basic concepts, like support and resistance, but goes into some more nuanced concepts that I haven’t found in standard literature regarding price action trading. Some of the lessons I especially enjoyed were:

+ Fractals and multiple timeframes (we do have a free video on fractals as well, though as is typically the case, the FXSAnalytics videos go into greater detail and offer more examples)
+Understanding anchor points, a.k.a. swing points, in price action trading
+ Inner trendlines vs. outer trendlines
+ How to Trade Gaps and Spikes (see our page on + Gaps here at InformedTrades)
+ Triple Taps
+ Measured Moves on Trendlines

5. The FXSAnalytics course and community is run by Steve W of NoBrainerTrades.com[. To learn more about Steve, please see our interview with him, as well as his free course on InformedTrades.

6. After purchasing the course and confirming their email address, students can access the course and discussion forum immediately online by entering their username and password. Students must proceed sequentially through videos and must mark videos as complete before they can proceed (the closest students can get to jumping ahead is hitting the “Mark as Completed” button for each video without actually watching it). Students are presented with a link to the discussion forum for that specific video as well if they wish to ask any questions.

7. Currently, the forum is sparse; it does not have many members or a very active participation rate. Answers from the course instructor, Steve W, are also a bit slow; they often take around 5 days.

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