Bouncers Share Secrets About Getting Into Bars

“I would safely say my bull**** detector’s pretty good by now”


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People are dancing in the pub.
greenleaf123/Getty Images
Usher opening and closing a red Velvet Rope
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Flythrough shot of energetic party people dancing in club
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Young boy watching TV
multifocus/Getty Images
Breaking and Entering at Night
SaddamStock/Getty Images
Close-up man eyes looking
Paffy69/Getty Images
Portrait of the young nice guy. Close up
uzhursky/Getty Images
Casual acquaintance in bar, man kissing woman after some whiskey, risk of sti
Motortion/Getty Images
Young man kissing woman on dance floor, clubbing youth on night club weekend
Motortion/Getty Images
Toilets Neon Sign in Retro Style Turning On
Shtamper/Getty Images
Macro closeup on man shouting with mouth wide open
wavemovies/Getty Images
Young kickboxer shadow boxing as exercise to training for the fight. Boxing in the darkness.
rexzillaz/Getty Images
Woman boxer warms up muscles before the fight. Close shot
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images
A domestic pet has taken on a home. Torn documents on white floor. Pet care abstract photo. Small guilty dog with funny face.
zayatssv/Getty Images
Side View Of A Seismograph With Two Arrows.
mutra/Getty Images
African American woman smiling and laughing
rocketclips/Getty Images
Happy man with arms crossed
-Robbie-/Getty Images
Friends toasting beer glasses
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
Romantic kiss between black couple
rocketclips/Getty Images
Teenage boy smiling and folding his arms
Ljupco/Getty Images

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