Blackhawk Investing Review: P2P Lending Service With Collateral, But Still Too Many Risks

Key Points:

1. Blackhawk Investment is a P2P real estate investment service. It collects investments from investors, pools them, and matches it with borrowers looking to make real estate investments.

2. Investors are allowed to specify the interest rate they require, and can also specify a focus on investing in local properties.

3. Investors must be accredited, which means they must have a minimum of $100,000 to invest.

4. Blackhawk holds funds in escrow until an investment is ready to be made. So, investors do not need to send capital to Blackhawk until an investment has been made.

5. The property used to purchase real estate is held as collateral. In the event the borrower defaults, the property is sold and the proceeds are distributed to the lenders.

6. Blackhawk Investment was not responsive in numerous attempts to contact them via phone, email, or even submitting the application.

7. No properties were listed on the site; this may reflect a lack of properties that Blackhawk has access to.

8. Blackhawk does not provide a means by which notes can be traded or liquidated early at this time.

Overall, I would be reluctant to use Blackhawk. The service is conceptually intriguing, in my opinion, especially because of the promise of bringing worthwhile collateral to p2p lending. However, the company’s lack of response to customer service inquiries is troubling, in my opinion, especially when one considers p2p investing is somewhat of a new frontier.

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