#3Blokes In A Pub… Talk BRITS IN LIMBO (Ep 12)

There are over 2.5m BRITISH people living in countries of the EU-27. Many of them were denied a vote in the EU referendum.

In this episode of #3Blokes, Graham (@EveryCountry) and Jason (@JasonJHunter) travel to Malaga in Spain to speak to Anne Hernandez, the president of Brexpats in Spain to find out what the last 27 months have been like for British citizens whose rights to live, marry, work, start a business, build a house or retire in one of the other 27 European countries have been stripped away.

We can only make these videos and continue to travel and fact-find and get the real story about what’s happening with #Brexit thanks to your incredible donations. We’ve done so well, we’re not stopping there. We’re currently putting together an online campaign called “Brexit: Are You Sure?” aimed at getting “soft” Leavers to think again. If you’d like to support us in this endeavour, please go to:


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