#3Blokes In A Pub… Go To DUBLIN (Ep 14)

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#Brexit was described to us in Geneva as like a car doing 140 down the autobahn in 6th gear, with your partner in the passenger seat and kids in the back. For no reason whatsoever, you put your foot down on the clutch and put the car in first.

And take your foot off the clutch.

Will the engine (the British economy) survive such a shock to the system? Will your passengers?

Most of the other cars on the autobahn (the other economies of the world) will scream on ahead and leave us in the dust, however, Ireland, our closest and best trading partner (we do more trade with Ireland than we do with Brazil, Russia, India AND China… PUT TOGETHER), is going to have to do some serious evasive manoeuvring in order to not slam into the back of us.

In this episode of #3BlokesInAPub, Jason (@JasonJHunter) and Graham (@EveryCountry) are again joined by Robert Stephenson (@blastbeat_rob) to talk about the impact of Brexit on the economy, politics and people of Ireland.

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