3 Blokes In The Pub… Talk THE BEST Brexit

Brexit Britain is fed up with experts. These days we only listen to the bloke down the pub. So in this controlled experiment, we put two experts and a teddy bear in a pub and recorded the results for your viewing pleasure.

Graham Hughes once won an island in a game show. (And that’s the second coolest thing he’s ever done.) He lived there off-grid for a few years, so when we leave the EU without a deal he’ll probably survive for a few more weeks than the rest of us.

Jason Hunter once represented the Hong Kong government in a massive trade dispute. Weirdly, he’s not looking forward to the tsunami of trade disputes coming our way as a result on us reneging on every trade deal we’ve signed over the last 40 years.

In this episode, we talk about the “best” Brexit that cold, hard reality makes possible.

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